Cleveland’s ultimate group exercise experience.

Real Results

At 216 Fitness, we do fitness differently. 

Many gyms can be intimidating.

You don’t know what to do or even where to start. 

At 216 Fitness, we guide you every step of the way. 

Real results come from consistency, quality, and a great place where it can happen!

Professional Exercise Specialists

We ONLY hire the best.

Our exercise specialists have industry leading certifications and utilize current evidence-based exercise methodologies.

Most of our specialists also have four-year degrees in exercise physiology.

We specialize in modifying exercises for a safe and effective workout every time.

We value respect, integrity, and community to create an inclusive atmosphere.

You can trust our coaches with your body and your health.

Fun, Effective Workouts

Our workouts are different from any workout you have ever done! You can get strong, lose weight and feel great in only 2-3 workouts per week.

We focus on functional training movements to teach you how to move well and feel better!

Each workout is different and uses both traditional and non-traditional equipment.

At 216 Fitness, you’ll use suspension trainers, medicine balls, push sleds, resistance bands, kettlebells, dumbbells and more.

All Ages Welcome


At 216 Fitness we understand the needs of someone over the age of 60.

You want to look good, feel good, be active and live life to its fullest.

We focus each workout session on:

Injury Prevention, Mobility, Flexibility, Strength, Cardiovascular Endurance, Power, Balance, Core Strength and Coordination.


An Awesome Community

We feel the most significant factor in getting life-changing results from your exercise is CONSISTENCY.

Our inviting groups of like-minded individuals make your workouts the best part of your day!

The amazing people is what makes 216 Fitness a wonderful place to improve yourself.

Join us today!